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NPM Complex

The National Police Memorial (NPM) site is at the crest of Shantipath in the diplomatic area of Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. This memorial in its architectural concept is an ode to these noble protectors worthy of our incessant gratitude. Architecturally, the site is approached from three directions, which are ultimately amalgamated as an experience to remember for the visitor.

As one enters the memorial site, a functional, understated flooring pattern that depicts discipline and order, leads one to the various components. The flower laden ramparts with two large symmetrically placed bowls, laced with flowers on the periphery and flames of eternity that rise above, symbolize the everlasting flames of the spirit of the martyrs and their dedication. The organic floral layout of the Wall of Valour is a testimony to the 35,134 martyrs who have sacrificed their lives.

As one goes further, the memorial podium in granite, is the Wreath Podium. On that, the sculpture rock stands tall, silent and always strong. A landscaped tiered area can accommodate 1200 people approximately, either to view the podium from various panoramic angles, or sit in silent contemplation and reflect on the selfless service and sacrifice of the martyrs. The tiered area provides a spectacular view of the ceremonial parade to be held every year in front of the podium. The entire ceremonial site is visualized as a place of constant reverence, to be used by all the visitors, a place to feel proud.